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Improve your language communication skills and succeed with a solid foundation in your business environment with our Business English course

In today’s globalized market place, many companies adopted English as their official communication language, however it is not enough to speak the language on its own. It is important as well to know how to use it during negotiations, decisions and business meetings.
There are many strategies and practices to run productive business meetings but not all of them can work out efficiently especially when the communication between participants is not clear.

Who is the course for?

Whatever you are leader or just a participant in a business meeting you can prepare for each stage with our Business English Course

You will get essential knowledge and information on various topics such as: greetings, introductions, opening and ending a meeting, how to clearly define the goal of the meeting, phrasal and cultural references.
Get to the next level with our Business English course and be prepared for your next presentation, meeting, video conference, client call.

What will you learn?​

How will I learn?


Lessons are conducted using our Communicative Learning approach and delivered with the help of a wide range of well-structured lessons and materials

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Levels (B1, B2, C1, C2)

Course Duration

1 week – 1 year

Course Timing